What Causes Road Rage (aka Driving Anger), part ii

(continued from June 13, 2011)

What are some of the causes of Road Rage (aka Driving Anger?),
Part I: “Situational” Factors (continued):

Demographic Factors:

Another realm for researchers studying driving anger and road violence is demographic variability. Studies exploring gender differences in this area have, in general, found that while female and male drivers tended to report similar levels of driving anger, there are differences in the types of roadway events that are upsetting to females and males and in their likelihood to respond aggressively.

Studies examining the role of age as a factor in driving anger and aggressive driving found an overall tendency for younger drivers—who also tend to be newer to driving—to tolerate stress less well, become angrier more often, and drive aggressively than older—and generally more experienced—drivers.

Early research into how socio-economic status may impact driving anger and aggression found mixed results, while a more recent study measured differences in the nature of horn honking—an historically popular, observational, yet questionable method for assessing driving anger—based on the income level of the neighborhoods examined. In terms of other cultural factors, while countless authors are in agreement that cultural norms are at play in terms of how anger is expressed (or not) in any given society, there is still a paucity of publications in this an area.

To be continued….

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