Why am I not angry?

Taking a break from my more academic postings on Road Rage this week, because I’ve been noticing some pretty angry folks–and some pretty angry-making folks–out there on the road this week. One gentleman seemed pretty determined not to let me merge on a highway on-ramp the other day. His bumper was hugging the truck in front of him, and he was not interested in letting me have my turn. The problem was that the cars on the on-ramp behind me were on my tail…so I was under a bit a pressure. So what happened? I started laughing. The gent who was ignoring me and so intent on holding on to his 12 feet of roadway…was just absurd. Was I angry? Nope. I was too busy laughing to be angry. Today, I was in the 3rd of a 4 lane on the highway. There was a woman in a very large, expensive SUV riding my bumper and holding her hands in there with a “WTF??” look on her face. I noticed I was going the speed limit and there were lanes on both sides of me that were open for her to change lanes. But she seemed like her goal was to get me to drive faster and make room for her in this particular lane. Was I angry? Nope. I just laughed. I kept driving the speed limit, turned on some music, and smiled. She eventually changed lanes and sped off. Laughing isn’t the solution for every frustrating driving situation, and you don’t want to laugh in the face of someone who may violent, but at least keep your cool, laugh on the inside, and keep your focus on driving safely. Who knows, maybe it will be contagious…

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